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Align your brand with Canada’s premier artistic swimming club. The Calgary Aquabelles have a 50-year legacy of excellence that is unparalleled in Canadian artistic swimming (synchro)! With access to club membership and opportunities to promote your brand at meets, in social media and on our website, there are many ways to partner in a meaningful way. Your company can support development of youth in sport which leads to life-long skills of team building, leadership and healthy living. We look forward to working together with you!

Season Canadian National Team Junior National Team 13-15 National Team
2018/19 3 - 1
2017/18 2 4 -
2016/17 5 4 3
2015/16 4 3 1
2014/15 3 2 4
2013/14 4 4 3
2012/13 4 3 2
2011/12 1 4 1
2010/11 2 3 2

As a competitive organization, the Aquabelles strive to train every team, every duet, every solo and every athlete to be the very best that they can be. Our podium (top 3) finishes that Aquabelles athletes have achieved at National and Provincial meets continues to be strong year over year. We celebrate both the dedication and successes of our athletes!

Season Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
2018/19 16 6 2 7 14 10
2017/18 7 10 8 9 2 7
2016/17 13 7 8 8 11 7
2015/16 8 8 0 10 8 4
2014/15 15 3 4 12 11 8
2013/14 6 6 4 17 8 6
2012/13 10 4 2 7 6 5
2011/12 6 5 3 8 4 3
2010/11 7 2 3 3 10 5
2009/10 0 4 5 5 1 6

Along with athletic achievement, the Aquabelles emphasize the development of the ‘whole’ athlete. We believe in the continuous growth of our athletes as well as our coaches, our club and the sport of artistic swimming (synchro). The club athletes and coaches also give back to our community through participation in charitable events like the CIBC Run for the Cure. We take pride in fostering positive personal relationships, good sportsmanship and team work. Some of the Aquabelles current sponsors include:
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As with all amateur athletic organizations, fundraising is important to help keep training fees as affordable as possible. The Aquabelles organize many important fundraising initiatives every season to help generate revenue for the club operations. These include raffles and draws, merchandise sold at club hosted competitions, our annual Calgary Aquabelles Swim-a-Thon, bottle drives, bingos, casinos, etc.

To support the Calgary Aquabelles fundraising efforts or if you have a new opportunity for us to consider, contact us at


In 2016, the Calgary Aquabelles marked the 50-year anniversary with club members, past and present, gathered together to celebrate. There are so many Calgary Aquabelle athletes who made a difference, both to the club and to the sport’s development and legacy in Canada.

Many athletes (and athlete parents!) form lifelong friendships. The Aquabelles are privileged to have so many active alumni. This fantastic group continues to support both the club and the sport through volunteering with club hosted competitions, as artistic swimming (synchro) coaches (for the Aquabelles and other clubs across Canada) or as artistic swimming (synchro) officials. Their knowledge of the sport is priceless!

If you are a past Calgary Aquabelles swimmer, please stay in touch! Consider joining our alumni Facebook page.

Click here to visit our Alumni Facebook page .

Help continue the legacy of the Calgary Aquabelles. Reach out today and help support the Calgary Aquabelles in a volunteer capacity, with financial assistance, or just stay connected with your fellow Aquabelles and support the current Aquabelles. Contact us at


“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless!”

– Sherry Anderson

To run a successful club requires many hearts, heads and hands. The Calgary Aquabelles parent members (and alumni!) go above and beyond to support their athlete and the club. Just some of the ways that they help us out every day include:

  • Driving their athlete, and often other athletes, to practice
  • Acting as a team liaison with the coaches
  • Bringing food for a team event or training camp
  • Working a bingo or casino shift
  • Organizing a fundraiser
  • Chaperoning their athlete’s team during competitions away from Calgary
  • Chairing the sponsorship committee
  • Working an event shift for a club hosted competition
  • Maintaining our music systems
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Fulfilling a role on the Aquabelles Board of Directors
  • Designing a competition program
  • Volunteering their time as an artistic (synchronized) swimming judge or official
  • Coordinating or distributing club clothing
  • Posting updates to our Facebook page
  • Organizing volunteers for an event or competition
  • Counting lengths in our annual AQB Swim-a-Thon

No matter what your skillset or time availability, there is something for everyone to do. Our parent members and alumni get involved in the club and the sport that their athlete loves! To find opportunities that fit your availability and interests, contact us at