Club History


Founded in September 1966 by Mary Ann Reeves, the Calgary Aquabelles (AQB) have a storied and distinguished history. Playing a lasting role in shaping the development of synchronized swimming in Canada and on the world stage, the Aquabelles have celebrated many firsts in the sport. Producing numerous world class synchronized swimmers and Olympic Athletes for over 50 years, every Aquabelles swimmer has pledged to ‘do their best, with good sportsmanship’.


Sept 1966

Calgary Aquabelles founded by Mary Ann Reeves.


Debbie Humphrey wins first AQB national medal.


Ken Newans writes about AQB and synchro on the sports page, a move from the women’s page.


AQB’s win silver at Pan Am Games and are welcomed back by the City of Calgary as the first sports team to bring back an international medal!


Senior and Junior Team hold simultaneous National Team Medals. Repeated 3 times (not repeated by any other club to date).


Helen Vanderburg and Michelle Calkins win Elaine Tanner Canadian Athletes of the Year, winning Gold at Pan Pacifics in Mexico City and Gold at the World Aquatic Championships in West Berlin.


Debbie Muir named Head Coach.


AQB’s Cowboy routine beats the USA in Team for the first time ever during the Pan Pacifics.


Synchronized Swimming joined the Olympics.


Aquabelles win silver in solo and duet the first time Synchro is in the Olympics (Carolyn Waldo, Kelly Kryczka and Sharon Hambrook).


It is a sweep at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul – Gold in Solo for Carolyn Waldo, Gold in Duet for Carolyn Waldo and Michelle Cameron with Alternate Karin Larsen.


Another sweep (Solo/Duet/Team) at FINA World Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships in Bonn Germany.


US Open in Santa Clara, Aquabelle athlete Raphael Jablona used Knox gelatin for the first time in hair during a competition and word spread to be the norm.


Canadian Team (including Aquabelle Sarah Alexander & Erin Chan) win Bronze at World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.


Beijing Olympics Team places 4th with Aquabelles' Jennifer Song and Alison McKenny.


Junior UANA – The Canadian Junior team takes gold in figures, solo, duet, and team. Aquabelles representation included Gabriella Brisson (duet), Claudia Holzner (duet) and Kaylene Scheil (team) coached by Jenn Tregale (head coach).


Mary Ann Reeves recognized by ISOF (International Swimming Hall of Fame) with Paragon Award for Leadership in Synchronized Swimming.


Junior UANA - The Canadian Junior team takes solo, duet and team with Aquabelles’ Jayd Kasprick and Halle Pratt (solo & duet) coached by Jenn Tregale.


Mark Tewksbury named honourary member of the Aquabelles, celebrating his underwater training with the club prior to his gold medal win in the Barcelona Olympics.


Calgary Aquabelles 50th Anniversary.